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auf Deutsch

A good translation takes excellent language skills, attention to detail and an awareness of how the language is used and understood by speakers. For a translation that reflects both the intent and style of the original German text, you need more than a word-for-word or machine translation. As a native English speaker who is fluent in German, I am uniquely qualified to provide you with a high quality English translation of your German text.

My name is Tessa Enright and I’ve been providing quality English translations of German texts since 2014. I am a native speaker of English from California who is also fluent in German, meaning I have an eye for the subtleties of the two languages and can give you a high quality end result that reads very naturally for English speakers and conveys the message and intent of the original text.

As a native speaker of English, I have an eye for the subtleties


I have experience translating a variety of texts from German to English, with a focus on texts related to culture and tourism. In the past I have translated literature, websites, art catalogs, tourist guides and event flyers. I also specialize in jobs with a short turnaround – need your translation quickly? Contact me to discuss the details.


The exact price depends on the size of the project, the difficulty of the material and the urgency of your translation.

*a standard line corresponds to 55 characters including spaces in the original text

** a standard page corresponds to 1800 characters including spaces